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Information for the teacher with regard to using a webquest is available below. Purpose of the webquest The purpose of a webquest is for students to come to know more about the subject matter. They study the subject extensively and learn how to process the information they need. Audience The intended audience are pupils in the lower grades. Topic and Chapter You can find more information about the topic and its theme in the introduction. A brief description A webquests is a practical task making use of the Internet. Through making the webquest the pupils come into contact with the Internet to solve a particular problem or verify a thesis statement. This is done by means of answering sub-questions. With the accumulated knowledge, students can then verify the main thesis. The research results are presented in the form of a report and /or presentation (see evaluation). How do the students use webquests? Students read the introduction to see if the subject interests them somehow. Then they can find the appropriate assignment in the tasks section. Instructions for tackling the research can be found at the process page. On this page are references to the sources that should be used during the research. These sources can be found on the source page. Students process the information and make a report and / or presentation. The evaluation page shows how the webquest is marked. Finally, there is a conclusion which summarises exactly what students ought to have learnt. Estimated work-time Varying from one to three hours.