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This webquest states a main thesis which you will be required to verify by answering the sub-questions. On the page "sources" you can find references to other websites. On these websites you often find the answer to one or more sub-questions, but it may also be that you need to do your own research. The main thesis and sub-questions you will find below.The main thesis:What is currently possible and impossible to fulfil the desire to have a child?Sub-questions:
  • When does the gynaecologist/OBGYN speak of infertility?
  • Give three possible causes of infertility in women.
  • Give three possible causes of infertility in men.
  • Describe at least two ways in which an infertile man could fulfil his wish if he wants to have a child.
  • Describe at least four methods to which an infertile woman can recourse if she wants to have a child.
  • What are the age boundaries for men to intervene in fertility?
  • What is the age limit for women to intervene in fertility?
  • Give three reasons why multiple pregnancies often occur in women over forty years.
  • Currently, there is another age limit in several countries, including Italy. What age is this?
  • Up to what age do you think women are allowed to get pregnant?
  • Suppose you have an unfulfilled wish to have a child in the future. What has method would you prefer? Up to what age do you think it justifiable to intervene medically in order to conceive? Give arguments for your answer.
How to turn in this webquest? Turn in this webquest as a report.