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  What is a webquest

What is a webquest


The Web consists of a lot of information. Not every resource is suitable for education. Sometimes it is too scientific, sometimes it's written in a different language and sometimes there can be doubts about the reliability of a website (commercial or religious). If a teacher gives an assignment involving Internet all kinds of unexpected things can happen. Some students, for instance, take a lot of time searching, then the find an unsuitable site and no longer know what to do.
A radical choice can be to totally ignore the Internet. This is not a good option. Students like to search on the Internet and the Internet provides enough information about every subject. These sources are generally keptwel updated, so that scientific developments closely can be followed. The webquest is developed as a structured way in which students can work with information on the Internet, without the problem of searching for suitable information. By pre-selecting sources, students can make good use of the Internet, but without the previous mentioned disadvantages.