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This is an example of a Rubric we are still developing better Rubrics.

Present 1 novice 2 advanced 3 expert 4 “super” expert
Use of Voice Talk to soft and monotonous Loud enough but monotonous Loud enough but monotonous Loud enough good pitch difference
Attitude Looks to his feet Looks occasionally in the crowd Looks in the crowd but has only occasional contact with his listeners Looks good in the crowd and has good contact with his listeners
Interaction Does his story and gives no possibility to ask questions Does his story and gives possibility to ask questions at the end Askes questions to his listeners during the talk Askes questions to his listeners during the story, attracting responses from the crowd and reacts on them
Material No additional material Material hardly overlaps the talk Material is consistent with material, but adds nothing Material will add colour to the talk
Use of language
Type language
Street language Civilized street language Correct English with occasional street language Correct English
Fluent speak Does not consecutive sentences Occasionally reluctance little consistency and many "euh" Few doubts reasonable consistency and little "euh" Good coherent sentences
Pronunciation Hardly hearable Fair to be heard but poorly articulated Well understood but not well-articulated Well understood and well-articulated
Organizing the message No line in the story, ramble on Barely line in the story but still ramble on A line in the story but on still ramble on A tight story
Introduction No Introduction There is an introduction but that does not make any sense A minimum introduction but clear A clear introduction
Closure Sudden silence as closure "This was the end" as completion A minimum completion without summary A clear conclusion with summary and acceptance speech